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Can You Apply GrubEx and Fertilizer At The Same Time? (Explained)

can you apply grubex and fertilizer at the same time
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Can you apply GrubEx and fertilizer at the same time? You should apply the fertilizer before the rains start and wait for a few days for the GrubEx to be effective. In addition, water the lawn thoroughly after you apply the fertilizer to prevent the grubs from surviving the application.

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Application of GrubEx

After answering the Can you apply GrubEx and fertilizer at the same time question, we must get into the best time for application. The best time to apply fertilizer and GrubEx is just before a rain storm, which allows the active ingredients in the grub control product to reach the soil. Since grubs do not live on the surface of the soil, the dry granules in the product must reach the soil to activate. Watering the lawn after the application will help the active ingredients reach the soil and be distributed evenly.

Although applying GrubEx in the late spring is not a good idea, a combination of fertilizer and grub control will reduce your workload and make your lawn look healthier. However, grub control should be applied in the late spring or early summer when beetles are actively searching for a place to lay their eggs. However, if you are applying the GrubEx in late summer, you might experience reduced control. However, applying fertilizer at the same time will help you keep the grubs from growing again the following spring.

Can you apply grubex and fertilizer at the same time?
Can you apply GrubEx and fertilizer at the same time? – Photo by Sandie Clarke on Unsplash

Application of fertilizer

Often, lawn owners make the mistake of putting down GrubEx and fertilizer at the end of the summer. However, that’s not the ideal time to apply these pesticides. Applying fertilizer and GrubEx at the same time will reduce your workload and help keep your lawn healthy for a longer period. Grub control is best applied in the early spring and late summer when beetles are most active.

To apply grub killer, you should remove any dead grass and apply an aerator. Aerators are equipment that walks across the lawn like a lawn mower. This process will loosen the soil and help the fertilizer absorb into the soil. After aeration, you can scatter grass seed throughout your lawn. Follow the seed package instructions to ensure the best results. You can also cover any damaged areas with straw to keep them in place and prevent birds from eating them.

Application of GrubEx before the rain

If you have a lawn, applying grub control products before rain is essential. Grubs live about two inches underground, and when rainwater is absorbed into the soil, the insecticide is washed away. However, you should apply the pesticide before watering, as this allows the pesticide to reach the root zone of your grass. This ensures that the pesticide will reach the roots of your grass and kill grubs while they are in the root zone.

The most effective grub control products kill grubs at an early stage before they even hatch. You should apply grub control products in late spring or early summer to prevent grubs from breeding on your lawn. Although grubs may be a nuisance, this pesticide is safe for humans and the environment. Apply it before rain between July 1 and August 15 to ensure that your lawn is protected from grubs.

Watering after application of GrubEx

Grass can be damaged after being sprayed with grubicide, but this problem can be avoided by properly watering your lawn after a grubicide application. GrubEx kills the grubs within a day or two and remains active for a week. It will provide 50 to 70 percent control. After the application, water your lawn again to rinse away any remaining grubicide.

Generally, beetles lay their eggs in the early summer and then fly over the grass to lay their eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the grubs will start feeding on the grassroots and will ruin your turf. Ideally, you should apply GrubEx late in the spring and keep it in the soil until mid-summer. Watering after application of GrubEx is crucial to maintaining the efficacy of the pesticide.

Unlike other pesticides, GrubEX must be watered after application to be effective. Watering the lawn after applying GrubEX is essential because the dry granules need moisture to activate. In addition, watering your lawn after applying the pesticide will help the active ingredients get down into the soil, ensuring that they cover all areas of the lawn. And since grubs do not live on the surface, it’s important to water the lawn immediately after application.