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Can You Spread Manure With a Fertilizer Spreader?

Can You Spread Manure With a Fertilizer Spreader
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One common question when it comes to spreading manure on your lawn or garden is can you spread manure with a fertilizer spreader? The short answer is, yes. In the past, the answer to that question was not so obvious. While you can certainly spread compost using a tractor bucket, you should avoid following the same path over again. This can lead to the compaction of the soil. If you must spread manure, consider using a tube line manure spreader.

Compost Wheels

Depending on the application, manure spreaders can distribute nutrients in a wide variety of ways. Topsoil spreaders, for example, spread manure from the top of the soil. This allows more soil to access nutrients and decreases the possibility of spreading manure into underground water sources – an important aspect of manure management. To determine which spreader is right for your needs, read the tips below.

Some manure spreaders apply manure by dropping it out in a stream. Others spread it with a flail. They may be more accurate because they can spread it on top of the ground more evenly. Which type of fertilizer you choose depends on your soil and crop. A spinner spreader is usually the most efficient. The type of manure spreader you choose will depend on the type of soil and vegetation in the area.

Injection Method

One method for applying manure is to spread it over the soil. The nutrients in the manure will penetrate the soil and benefit the crop. However, this method does have its drawbacks, including its effect on nearby waterways and its smell. It should be used only when the soil is dry, is free of stones and other contaminants, and is not suitable for soil that is saturated with water.

The traditional way of applying animal manure is to broadcast it onto the soil. This method is relatively inexpensive, easy to perform, and can be done during any season. However, a substantial amount of nitrogen can be lost to the atmosphere as ammonia gas. Furthermore, odors are a problem, and nutrient runoff is a possibility when a large rain event occurs.

Which Manure Spreader You Should Choose?

Several features make a Tubeline manure spreader different from other manure spreaders. The Nitro manure spreader, for instance, is a 30-ton machine with a storage capacity of 1159 cubic feet. Others, such as the Nitro 750, hold 791 cubic feet and the Nitro 600, hold 593 cubic feet. Another popular manure spreader is the Nitro 375RS, which holds 410 cubic feet of manure.

The Nitro Manure Spreader is an excellent choice for spreading poultry litter and manure evenly on a farm. The spreader has a standard beater wedge feature that prevents large clumps from falling off the unit and causing runoff into bodies of water. The spreader also has floatation tires and a sturdier industrial-strength chain.