Can I Spread Lime With a Fertilizer Spreader? (Explained)

Can I Spread Lime With a Fertilizer Spreader
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You may be wondering: can i spread lime with a fertilizer spreader? There are several ways to spread lime. You can use a Sides spreader or Pelletized lawn lime. Read on to learn how to use these lawn fertilizers. After reading these tips, you’ll be able to apply lime easily on your lawn. But, before you get started, be sure to read the instructions carefully.

Using a Fertilizer Spreader To Spread Lime

Using a fertilizer spreading device to spread lime can improve soil pH levels. Spreading lime using a fertilizer spreader can be efficient, but it’s also important to properly maintain the spreading device.

Because lime is so much heavier than fertilizer, it can damage the spreader, especially if you don’t use the proper precautions to protect the spreader from damage. Before spreading lime, you should test the pH levels of your soil with a ph. probe, a liquid test kit, or hire a professional.

How To Use Fertilizer Spreader To Spread Lime

To spread lime evenly, use a fertilizer spreading device or a drop spreader. This will ensure that the lime is spread evenly and uniformly throughout the field.

To make the spreading process even easier, you can also use a power broom or leaf blower to work the lime into the surface of the soil.

Using a fertilizer spreader to spread lime is most effective when used in the fall and spring.

Pelletized Lawn Lime

Pelletized lawn lime is a great way to amend the pH level of soil and improve the health of your lawn. You can buy it in 40-pound bags at garden centers or home improvement stores. Oldcastle Stone Products makes a variety of products, including this one. This product is made from finely ground dolomite lime with added magnesium and calcium. A good solution for your lawn, this product can be spread with a fertilizer spreader.

Things To Know Before Apply Lime To Your Lawn

  • To apply lime to your lawn, you should first till the soil.
  • This will allow it to penetrate the soil and be more effective in maintaining the pH level.
  • Lime should not be applied to grass that is too wet.
  • Apply it to the lawn during spring, early fall, and early summer, when it is the best time to start fertilizing your lawn.
  • Avoid liming your lawn during hot periods, as it may cause burning of the grass.

Sides Spreader

A Sides Spreader is an affordable piece of equipment that can be mounted on a tractor and spread wet agricultural lime. It is a cheaper alternative to pelletized lime and works just as well. By using a Sides Spreader, you can save money on material costs and labor costs. It eliminates the need for hand spreading and surveying the spread. It is ideal for use on golf courses, steep pastures, tree farms, sod farms, and food plots.

The Sides spreader is made of lightweight steel and features an extra-large hopper capacity. Its hoppers can hold up to 4,000 pounds of fertilizer and weigh approximately twelve hundred pounds. This machine features an adjustable-angle-side slope and a 510-cubic-foot capacity. A fully welded unibody construction and Cor-Ten weathering steel make it durable and long-lasting.